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Some jet skies are manufactured with the same materials and methosds as most boats thus the repair procedures are relatively the same. most personal watercrafts and jet skis are not, they are manufactured with various composite materials such as SMC resins, epoxy systems, filled resins, or resin injected molding. We have all of the necessary knowledge and experience to handle any type of composite repair your personal watercraft may have


If your boat is not becoming to you, you should be coming to us! Your boat is an investment and we understand that keeping your boat's image on the water important. You can extend the life of your investment with an exterior or interior refurbishment. Unlike automotive paints, many times the beauty of your original gel coat can be restored by proper oxidation removal and color sanding out light scratches thus saving the cost of repainting. If you are considering buying a new boat, but are chocked by the sticker price, think about just changing the mage of yoru current boat to better suit your style. We do standard and custom gel coat jobs or restoration, as well as vinyl graphics, striping, custom swimp platforsms, windshields, permanent and aftermarket keel protectors and propeller repair.

We will give you an honest and competitive estimate with a clear explanation of the work to be performed. Sometimes problems seem to appear for no apparent reason. With our decades of experience, we will find the cause of the problem first, and then correct it rather than only doing the cosmetic fix that may reoccur later. Your boat is an investment; don't destroy it with a substandard repair. Let us repair, restore, or customize your investment.

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